ADM-4000 - DEMOD BOARD - 535666-001

DEMOD BOARD - 535666-001Each ADM-4000 module includes two RF ports (input and output) and supports the ability to demodulate up to three different return channels.

A fully loaded ARPD chassis containing six ADM-4000 modules supports up to six different upstream paths and the ability to demodulate up to 18 different return channels.

The ADM-4000 demodulator modules are front-loading (cables connect in the back) and hot-swappable.

Tuner frequency range is from 5 to 65 MHz, and the dynamic range is 20 dB (0 dBmV ±10 dB).

Receives and demodulates upstream data packets (MAC cells) transmitted by STBs and performs FEC, marking each received cell as perfect, corrected, or uncorrectable.

Performs power level measurement on each demodulated MAC cell to support the STB power leveling system.

Transmits the demodulated MAC cells containing interactive data and/or polling data to the NC-1500 or RADD over UDP/IP/Ethernet.

Provides status and alarms using SNMP traps.

*Sold separately - REQUIRES ARPD CHASSIS

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