One WESCOIn December of 2010, TVC Communications was acquired by WESCO Distribution, Inc. (NYSE: WCC).Under the WESCO Data Communications division, TVC is now partnered with Communications Supply Corporation, both recognized as leaders in our respective markets. With WESCO, no other company can deliver this datacom and broadband product offering package at this level. TVC’s industry knowledge, experience and customer service excellence brings a powerful addition to WESCO. There is a great legacy of supplier and customer relationships with TVC spanning over 50 years. That doesn’t change, and now only gets better.

As TVC brings our valuable attributes to the One WESCO initiative, the message is clear: we will work endlessly to provide the best customer service; make available the widest range of quality and cost effective products and services known in the market; and, provide the most comprehensive and efficient supply chain utilized today domestically and internationally.

TVC offers new solutions to our customers in areas such as security systems, data center infrastructure, integrated supply, Lean Value Creation and sustainable initiatives that provide high performance and cost savings for the long term. TVC can also provide the maximum potential opportunity for our partner suppliers to get global product penetration for the immediate and long term benefit of our collective customers.

TVC Communications and One WESCO – watch for exciting new changes coming your way from the company you have trusted as your broadband products and solutions provider.

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