Are you ready for Carrier ID?

Carrier ID (CID) is an embedded code containing contact information, that allows satellite operators to quickly and easily identify the source of an interfering transmission.

Effective Now

  • CID should be included in all Requests for Proposal for SCPC and MCPC video and data.
  • CID that meets the ETSI (DVB-CID) standard in all new modulators purchased for video uplinking.
  • All satellite operators should have begun the transition to use CID on all customer uplink transmission services.

By June 1st 2016

  • CID required by FCC for all SNG transmissions in USA.

By December 31st 2017

  • Transition to DVB-CID.
  • CID included for all SCPC and MCPC video and data transmissions.

To discuss your CID needs with one of SEG’s professionals, email Chris Childs or call 913-375-1100.

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