ATSC/QAM ProcessorAQP accepts one input in 8VSB (digital off-air) or QAM (digital cable) format, including the sub-band QAM input channels T7 to T13, and delivers one output in QAM format in the 54-864 MHz range.

AQP can be utilized in a remote headend to “regenerate” a clean QAM channel from a degraded one. It also allows TV sets to receive digital off-air programming on CATV channel assignments by transmodulating the 8VSB broadcast to QAM.

It can also be utilized in remote digital origination applications, where the QAM channel needs to be delivered to the headend via the sub-band frequencies.

• Supports sub-band QAM input channels T7 to T13 for remote digital origination applications
• Input standards supported are digital off-air (8VSB & 16VSB) and digital cable (QAM 16/32/64/128/206)
• Agile QAM output at +55 dBmV and in the frequency range of 54-864 MHz range

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