3M FibrDome Closures3M FibrDome Closures protect fiber optic splices from the elements while providing fast and easy no-cost reentry. These closures can be installed in above-ground pedestals, hand-holes, and mounted on poles and strands. The FibrDome closure utilizes proven sealing technology and over 30 years of experience with copper protection.

Fiber splices are enclosed in a polypropylene dome that is clamped together with a stainless steel latch and sealed with an O-ring. Pre-stretched tubing is slipped over the base of the closure and onto a gel sealing collar. Pulling the plastic rip cord shrinks the tubing to an air and water tight seal around the collar. No special tools, power supply or torches are required for assembly. To reenter, simply pull the latch.

Available in two sizes, the FibrDome closure accommodates various cable constructions and splice capacities. Each tray holds two splice inserts. Four types of inserts are available to hold 3M™ Fibrlok™ splices or 3M™ Fibrlok™ Multi-Fiber Optical Splicing System, fusion or mass fusion splices.

· Proven 3M sealing technology - High product reliability, minimized maintenance costs
· Easy installation - No special tools, torch or power supply required
· Ready Access - No-cost reentry to splices; craft friendly
· Flexible fiber management - Accommodates a variety of cable sizes
· Flexible splice capability - 1-96 fibers in discrete splices; 4-432 fibers in ribbon splices
· Minimal training - Cost savings
· Gel end seal technology - No compounds to mix; air tight seal over multiple cable configurations
· 100 lbs. strain relief with shield bond connector assembly - Long product life; craft friendly - no exposed metal
· Rugged and versatile design installed in a variety of environments - One system fits all; inventory costs savings

Follow these 5 Easy Steps for Ordering

1 For complete installation choose one of these:
- FD06 FibrDome Closure - Contains transition tray and one splice tray capacity for one more splice tray
- FD08 FibrDome Closure - Contains transition tray and one splice tray; capacity for three more splice trays
- FD06-WO FibrDome Closure - Contains transition tray only; capacity for two splice
- FD08-WO FibrDome Closure - Contains transition tray only; capacity for four splice trays

2 Choose one package for each splice tray:
- 2521-FL Fibrlok™ Splice Insert - Holds six single mechanical splices in each insert
- 2521-MF Fibrlok™ Multi-Fiber Splice Insert - Holds four multi-fiber splices in each insert
- 2521-F Fusion Splice Insert - Holds twelve discrete fusion splices in each insert
- 2521-RF Ribbon Fusion Splice Insert - Holds five ribbon fusion splices in each insert

3 Choose one shield bond connector for each cable:
- 4460-D/FO Shield Bond Connector Assembly - Provides grounding and central strength member clamp
- FD110 Ground Kit - Includes two Scotchlok™ 4460-D/FO Shield Bond Connector Assemblies and two ground straps

4 Choose additional trays as necessary:
- FD100 FibrDome Closure Splice Tray Kit - Contains splice tray, cover, cable ties and 3M™ FibrTube transition tubing

5 Choose additional accessories as necessary:
-FD106 Cable Addition Kit - Contains PST, gel strip, cable ties, sheath scuff, FibrTube transition tubing; for reentry into FD06 Closure
- FD108 Cable Addition Kit - Contains PST, gel strip, cable ties, sheath scuff, FibrTube transition tubing; for reentry into FD08 Closure
- 2520 FibrTube Transition Tubing - Protects fibers between trays; accommodates ribbon fibers
- 4600-GSS Gel Sealant Strip - Gel strip seals cables and gel core in FD06 or FD08 FibrDome Closures
- FD120 Mounting Bracket Mounting Bracket - for FD06/FD08 closures
- FD130 Strand Mount Bracket - Strand mounting bracket for FD06/FD08 closures
- FD06 Pull ‘N’ Shrink Tubing
- FD08 Pull ‘N’ Shrink Tubing

California Proposition 65

PVC-coated Products; PVC-coated Wires and Cables

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including DINP and/or DEHP, which are known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov or our information page: California Proposition 65.

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