Recover up to 90% of your Occupied Duct!

  • A No-Dig Solution, No Permits, No EPA or Right of Way issues, extremely faster construction.
  • Recover up to 90% of your Occupied Conduit Space with operating cables.
  • Add up to 9 additional cables in conduits previously classified as full.
  • Split Metal Tube protects live cable at all times.
  • Tension on live cable while removing duct is insignificant < 50 lbs.
  • Removing duct done outside Maintenance Hole if slack loops are present.
  • Environmentally Friendly - all removed duct is chipped and can be recycled.

MaxSpace Pic 1Rigid innerduct limits the amount of cables that can be placed in most conduit based network systems. For over 13 years, MaxCell Fabric Innerduct has allowed for up to 300% more cables to be placed in similar conduit systems.

But what can System Owners and Network Engineers do when:

A conduit is “filled” with rigid innerduct?
Installation of new additional cables is required?
Installing additional conduits is cost prohibitive or impossible?
Incumbent cables are active and cannot be disrupted?

MaxSpace Pic 2Recover that Space with MaxSpace - Conduit Space Recovery Solution!

MaxSpace was engineered to remove existing rigid innerduct without damaging or disrupting active network cables. Simply put, rigid innerducts are cut apart as they are pulled from a conduit, allowing the cable to remain undamaged and active. With the rigid innerduct removed, incumbent cables settle to the bottom of a conduit and allow for multiple MaxCell packs and cable to be installed, greatly increasing the existing conduit’s cable capacity.

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