National Weather Service Satellite Service Change – effective January 16, 2018

SES-1 Satellite transition to Galaxy 28 (G-28)

The National Weather Service Headquarters has announced that effective January 16, 2018, the SES-1 satellite will no longer provide data to the NWS Satellite Broadcast Network (SBN).

To accommodate this change and prior to this discontinuation, data will become available from the Galaxy 28 satellite (G-28) which will take place by early December 2017 (final date is still being finalized).

To ensure a smooth transition, the changeover from SES-1 to G-28 will take place over the course of several phases to maximize the amount of time with satellite backup coverage.

Ground Station Updates

The following Ground Station changes will take place as a result of the transition to Signal Mountain as the new NWS SBN communications support subcontractor under Raytheon, the Prime Contractor for the Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS).

  • The location of the Master Ground Station (MGS) will move to Holmdel, NJ
  • The location of the Backup Master Ground Station (BMGS) will remain in Fairmont, WV

To accommodate this transition, all receiving site grounding stations (SGS) will need to repoint all downlink antennas to G-28, satellite location specifications are below:

Galaxy 28 (G-28) Satellite Location (new):

  • 89 degrees West
  • FEC Type: DVB-S2
  • Polarity: Vertical/Right
  • Band: High, C-Band

Once the antenna has been adjusted, users should not need new equipment to continue receiving NOAAPORT data.

Additional Service Change Notices will be available in the coming weeks with more information and specific dates.

Additional Information on the transition to the G-28 Satellite:

Support the SES-1 Satellite Transition

SEG is available to assist in your satellite transition needs. Reach out to us to ask about our support solutions, including:

  • Re-point Services
  • Roof Dish Installation
  • Concrete Pad Dish Installation
  • Snow Cover Installation
  • Lightning Protection Installation
  • Peaking Antennas
  • Conduit Installation
  • Cable Run Installation
  • Full Turnkey Project Management


*The use of the National Weather Service emblem / logo does not imply an endorsement by NOAA/NWS of Satellite Engineering Group (SEG) or our products/services.

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