Since 1989, Quintech Electronics has stayed true to its motto, “"The Source for Reliable RF (Radio Frequency) Signal Management Solutions”. Quintech is headquartered in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and is a leader in the terrestrial microwave, CATV, and satellite communication markets. Quintech products, such as combiners, power dividers, and splitters, are essential to RF signal management in the satellite and broadcast industries.
In 1997, Satellite Engineering Group (SEG) started a relationship with Quintech as a source for solutions requiring RF signal management. Early in this relationship, SEG primarily needed Quintech as a source of L-Band splitters, which has proved over the years to still be a large part of business. Quintech products can be used in a variety of applications including satellite uplinks and downlinks, cable head ends, broadcast applications plus many specialized projects that required reliable products that Quintech delivers. Specialized and intricate products include Matrix Routing Switches and Redundant Power Supplies, which can be used for many high-level projects.

Can’t find the Quintech product you were looking for? SEG has access to hundreds of products not yet listed on our website. Our dedicated customer service agents are available Monday – Friday via telephone at 800.932.1555 or email.

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