METER, SIGNAL METER, DC-870 MHZPico Macom CATV Signal-Analysis meter, DC-870 MHz

Pico Macom's PICO-PRO is a full-featured handheld signal performance meter providing a complete signal test system in easy-to-carry protective case. The PICO-PRO allows choice of 4 pre-programmed user-selectable band plans accessed via keypad entry for easy measurement of broadcast, CATV, CATV/HRC, and SUB/VHF channels. Direct-entry channel or frequency tuning selections provide maximum flexibility in headends and distribution networks that employ narrow digital signals, or non-standard frequency applications. The meter displays instantaneous digital signal levels when testing digital carrier levels. The large LCD screen displays signal level as a bar-graph with digital numeric readout. This backlit display provides screen illumination in dimly lit work-spaces, allowing behind rack and night meter operation. The PICO-PRO enables testing of carrier-to-noise, multiple channels, and full, reduced, and single band scan for complete testing flexibility. The meter's functions include not only signal measurement when AC/DC voltage is present under test, but, when selected, voltage-level display.

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