XR-3 Modular Test Instrument

XR-3The XR-3 is a revolutionary test instrument platform ideal for installers and private cable operators that demand fast, easy signal measurements today and in the future. The base unit is a rugged chassis, display, and portable power supply that accepts easily swappable modules for test signal measurement purposes.

The XR-3 is economically efficient because it allows you to choose only the test modules that your application requires. In the future as your testing needs change, you’ll need only a new module, not an entire instrument. Test modules that “slide and click” into the XR-3 available now include DBS satellite, VSAT satellite, and cable TV / off-air broadcast. Other modules will follow.

• Durable case with rubber shock guards
• Color graphic LCD screen, sunlight readable display
• Glow-in-the-dark numeric keypad with arrow key controls
• Rechargeable / Easily Replaceable Li-Ion battery
• USB computer interface for firmware updates
• Operates while charging via AC
• Quick charge battery with universal AC or vehicle 12 VDC
• Modular design for longer life and more flexibility
• Accepts various easily-swappable modules (sold separately)

This is the base unit - at least one test module must also be ordered:
XR-TS2-01 Satellite Signal Level Meter Module for North American DBS & Broadcast TVRO
XR-S2ACM-01 Satellite Signal Level Meter Module for VSAT, Broadcast TVRO, & International DTH
XR-CA-01 Digital and Analog CATV / VHF / UHF Off-Air Signal Level Meter Module

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